Can't wait to see New Moon!!!!!!!!!!

My New Sunset... Coming Soon

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Thirteen days to school. I'm quite excited. Cause I'm seeeing my Bff's again.
Depressed, But I don't know why.
I definitely have to stop hearing sad songs, and listen to Paramore's new single: Ignorance.
Also have to backpack hunt. I have noo clue where to start, of course I want a Twilight one, but... THERE ARE NONE HERE IN FReAKING MEXICO!!!!! *Pissed off*

Umm, so now I'm checking my Youtube, if u wanna visit:
of course :)
But I know a better chanel, with awesome twilight vids:

So right now [na na na] I'm too excited to see the Twilight cast recive their 11 nominations & wons!!!!! at the Teen Choice Awards! Yay! Yep, in Mexico they're showing up today in E! at 9:00, and now where I live it's 07:48 pm

Soooo, I'm eager to see my true love RobPattz! Damn, I'm so in love with  him! I hate Kris 4 stealing him! Grrr, haha just jocking, cause with all the movement between them I think Robsten IS FOR REAL!!! YEAH, THEY'RE DATING, IT'S SOOOO OBVIOUS!!!

Well, bye.


Summer suggestions please?!?! & Twittermeee!!!!!
Hello people, how are you guys? I'm bored.
Nice, isn't it?

Oh my god! Please, anyone tell this girl how to have some fun or anything! Cause seriously, looks like this vacationes are in hell, (and honestly I don't remember what I did the past ones...). Soo... here in Mexico things are not so fun as I wished to, I mean, the mall is too far away, the only place my parents let me go is around the corner and then go back, and Mexico is damn hot right now.

The only thing that's quite "fun" or barely, is that nearly 7:00 I go to the park with my BFF everyday to go chill and walk, and well, I think we're going to the movies this week to see Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince!!!!
Ok, so I'm not even that old enough to go in my own car and go all the way to see were I could wonder, cause I'm 13 (even that people say that I look like a 16-year old).

So, If you guys have a suggestion 4 me, I would appreciate it!

And thanks to Haleigh for being my new livej Friend!

Bye!, *Dalyz*...

Oh! By the way, follow me on Twitter!:

First Entry: Me, Twilight and my Fan-Fic.

Hi, everybody... So this is my very first post in my Live Journal. I am Dalyz; a teenage girl who actually lives in Mexico, speaks english, loves Twilight, and my life is not that kinda typical. Meanwhile other girls (my friends, xD) are out with their boyfriends, I'm here at home on the Internet checking latest New Moon news, seeing fanfics here or in fanfiction. Or listening to music of my rare favorite mix bands. Or, (specially), writing my own Fan-Fic (or novel?, don't know), yeah, I'm another of a thousand fan writers. My creation is named, "My New Sunset" ¨(as translated from spanish).  I am a fan since I saw last year the Twilight Movie, since, I got obssesed with Edward and Bella, and of course the great persons who play them: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart. And, yes, I also want them to be a couple in real life, cause they both are adorable together! Well, returning to my fan fic.

I think it's pretty funny the way that this started.
It was a boring day at school and my Spanish teacher said she wanted a three paged story of anything we wanted. (As you know, I was all over vampires I still am). So I was like, gosh! I'm gonna do a kinda remake of Twilight for that... (Besides, Twilight was not that famous, nor the teacher had seen it and only my BFF's knew about it, cause I babbled about it everyday). So I made the story and I was really upset cause I wanted it more longer, well, my fellow friends read it and when they finished it they had no expression on their faces, a few seconds later, their faces lit up with an excited smile and they started screaming like insanes, every girl and boy who read it said: "YOU ARE A FREAKIN' GENIOUS, THIS IS THE BEST SH*T I HAVE EVER READ, HELL, IT'S AMAZING!" Umm, of course, some guys who are jelous of me just snorted.

Well, after it, the teacher liked it, though a month after she complained about that it was copied, but some nerds made it bout Transformers, soo. No big deal. Except that all who read
"Mi Nuevo Atardecer" (My New Sunset) were so hyperventilating about my dumb job, that ALL of them suggested.. No, not suggested, made me do it's sequel. So now I'm writing MNS2, and already made like a half of it. And I'm planning to put it on here, on LiveJ, and well I translate one chap and you tell me if its cool or if its a total crap and sucks, deal? Right.

So I'm
saying goodbye right now, to continue makin my project, but I promise you that I'll update again soon and give you a kind of plot and also a sneakpeek to My New Sunset: The Beginning.

By the way! Thanks 4 all the awesome users that added me! Your and your LJ's are great guys!
If you want to, you could pass by my YouTube Channel, have videos of Twilight:

If you want to read a REALLY BREATHTAKING GREAT fanfic, then go to see a Robsten Fic at Carla304's place! ( She is so damn good at making those perfect chapters!


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